Lashes By Terra

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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the secret to longer, fuller, more beautiful looking lashes. I offer superior quality lashes that make all the difference in your everyday look! Thick and beautifully curled, these lashes are completely safe for skin, eyes, and contact lenses. When correctly applied, they are so natural the wearer never feels them.

Lashes are extended by applying soft, synthetic eyelashes directly onto your own natural eyelashes, one lash at a time. Collagen gel eye pads are used to protect your lower lids during application. Eyelash extensions last up to 5 weeks through safe and specially formulated bonding agent. Various lengths, curls and thicknesses are available to tailor to your specific look and style. Eyelash extensions are perfect for anything from everyday wear to your wedding day. 

If you prefer big, glamorous or simply natural looking lashes - no one will know they aren't yours. Wake up every morning with Lashes by Terra!

Full-set Classic Eyelash Extensions $130

Fills $55

*ALL prices are subject to HST